The University of Houston MSM Jazz Festival 2010

So, you're thinking about attending the 2010 Jazz Festival, but you're still not sure if you should throw down the cash, eh?  Well, who can blame you?  Ten dollars for a ticket can be a lot these days, after all.  Perhaps I can help.  If I tell you what's going on, would that entice you?  Maybe?  OK, good enough for me...

On Friday evening at 7:30pm, The Texas Music Festival Jazz Project will be performing.  This is Houston's all-star big band comprised of top-notch Texas musicians playing a wide array of music written for the classic big band setup.  If you like swing, you're in luck; if you like bebop, you'll be happy as well; if you like a great ballad, prepare to be wowed; even if you like contemporary music that's a little harder to understand... well you get the point.  The point being that this band can play anything and everything and they do it VERY WELL.  As I said, the band is full of top-notch players and there are plenty of solos to be passed around, so you won't be disappointed!  It will be an entertaining and exciting evening.  Here's the roster:

Saxophones David Caceres, Kelly Dean, Dr. Woody Witt, Warren Sneed, Karl Fulbright

Trombones Dr. Armin Marmolejo, Ed Lowe, Bruce Melville, Ryan Gabbart, Jim Pedigo

Trumpets Danny Wilson, Mike Harris, Dennis Dotson, Steve Brown, Noe Marmolejo

Rhythm Section Mike Wheeler, guitar; Matt Lemmler, piano; Anthony Sapp, bass; Joel Fulgham, drums

Playing the following: Outside In, Tom Garling A Little Minor Booze, Willie Maiden Dauphin Dance, arr. Bob Mintzer Take the ‘A’ Train, arr. Gordon Goodwin A Flower is a Lovesome Thing, arr. Mike Tomaro Housewife from New Jersey, Tim Hagans Soft Lights and Sweet Music, arr. Michael Abene Wade in the Water, arr. Matt Lemmler Skylark, arr. Mike Harris Let’s Eat Cactus, Gordon Goodwin Ecaroh, arr. Rob McConnell


And can you believe it?!  Saturday evening features even more big band jazz!  On Saturday night at 7:30pm, the UH Jazz Orchestra will perform with featured guest artist, Brian Lynch on trumpet.  I know, I know... it's ridiculous how much good music you'll need to see this weekend, but trust me, it's TOTALLY worth it.  Brian will be playing a slew of his own compositions and arrangements (which are incredible to hear and incredibly hard to play, check this one out) with the students in the UH Jazz Orchestra to close out the weekend's festivities.  And this isn't your ordinary college big band, all these guys (and girl) can PLAY!  Get ready to be amazed at the level of virtuosity this band has.  You still want to see a program, don't you?  No worries!

Saxophones Bob Eason, Darrel Materum, Eric Bustamante, Zach Spruill, Scott Baker

Trombones Tim Dueppen, Henry Darragh, John Grimmett, Thomas Neal, Jaime Ramos, Glen Scarborough

Trumpets Steve Brown, Cameron Kubos, John St. Julian, Kristen Finley, Zachary Lerner

Rhythm Section Robert Wolf, guitar; Michael Ward, guitar; Landon Petersen, guitar; Joel Love, piano; Henry Darragh, piano; Glen Ackerman, bass; Gerald Massoud, bass; J.D. Guzman, drums; Terence Hobdy, drums; Chad Tumminello, drums

Playing the following: Point Aconi, Aaron Lington Things Are Getting Better, arr. Rob McConnell The Palmieri Effect, Brian Lynch Blue Moon, arr. Brian Lynch Guajira Dubois, Brian Lynch Peer Pressure, Brian Lynch One for Mogie, Brian Lynch


And if all of that STILL isn't enough for you, did you know that you can see visiting middle school and high school jazz ensembles perform on each day, all day for FREE?  You would probably be surprised by how many of these groups sound great, also.  There's a lot of talented youngsters in Texas, so come see for yourself!  Oh, and you can also check out the free clinic featuring Brian Lynch and and the UH Jazz Orchestra at noon on both days, too.  Free?!  Yes!  See you there!

(All events take place in the Moores Opera House)