Arranging (or re-arranging) music varies quite a bit depending upon what is needed. I mostly work within the commercial, jazz, pop, funk and rock music genres, but I have "done it all" to some degree. Do you need your pop song written out and notated for a lead sheet to be used by a rock band? No problem. Do you want your favorite Beatles song arranged for a string quartet in time for your wedding? I can do that too. You just need horn parts for that funk/jazz band you are working with? I already have many to choose from. Let me know what you're looking for and I can work with you to get it done! Listen to some of my arrangements for big band on my MUSIC page.


A good copyist will clean up rough drafts of notated musical scores, parts, etc. and present them in a way that is easily read and distributed to other musicians or publishers. When the process is complete, you will be given the final PDF document and digital Finale files for your records.

I copy music ranging from large ensembles to lead sheets, all of the following is addressed:

  • Standardized page and measure layout
  • Correct key signatures, accidentals & chords
  • Correct rhythms, articulations & phrasings
  • Include measure numbers & rehearsal marks
  • No discrepancy between parts & score

As an experienced arranger and musician, I know what to troubleshoot in order to maximize the quick communication of your music. Clarity is critical for distributing parts and a good layout can helps musicians to easily sight-read your music—and that means less agony spent in rehearsal time!