A History of Jazz in Houston

King & Carter Jazzing Orchestra, Houston Texas

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Houston’s jazz history is largely undocumented and difficult to track down, so I started collecting all the bits and pieces to put in one place. And that place is here. I’ll post any significant updates on the blog, but check back often for new contributions. Please post any relevant information, articles, photos, etc. in the comments section. Thanks!

Notable figures & organizations, past & present:

Andrew ‘Tex’ Allen
Arnett Cobb
The Crusaders
Jimmy Ford
Barrie Lee Hall, Jr.
Billy Harper
G.T. Hogan
Illinois Jacquet
Conrad Johnson
Kashmere High School (and Kashmere Stage Band)
Milt Larkin
Hubert Laws
Ronnie Laws
Anita Moore
Joe Sample
Kirk Whalum
Rocky White
Don Wilkerson
Patrick Williams, Sr.
Tod Vullo


“Duke/Peacock Records To Get Historical Marker Next Month” by Chris Gray (Houston Press)

“Eldorado Ballroom: A Concise History By Dr. Roger Wood”  by Chris Gray (Houston Press)

“Houston’s Jazz History” by Chris Gray (Houston Press)

Today in Texas History: Arnett Cobb, Houston sax talent, born by Killary Sorin, (Texas on the Potomac)

Illinois Jacquet: Integrating Houston Jazz Audiences by Aimee L’Heureux (Houston History Magazine)

“On integration, jazz and the arrest of Ella Fitzgerald and Dizzy Gillespie in Houston” by J.R. Gonzales, (Bayou City History)

“One For All: Sax giant Illinois Jacquet helped desegregate Houston audiences” by Paul J. MacArthur (Houston Press)

“RIP Barrie Lee Hall, Jr.” by Andrew Lienhard

“Texas Piano Players: A Legacy: Part 1 & Part 2 by Chris Becker (Houston Press)

“The Nickel: A Musical History of the Fifth Ward, Part 1 & Part 2 by John Nova Lomax (Houston Press)

“Soul City: The Amazing Jazz Crusaders” by William Michael Smith (Houston Press)

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