Miscellaneous:The lamest edit wars

If you don't own or haven't heard of The Visual Miscellaneum by David McCandless, I highly recommend that you purchase it immediately. Or at least subscribe to his blog. It's the ultimate coffee table book. It has the power to inform, amaze and even spur conversation (or debate) amongst you and your guests. Oh, and everything is presented with a lovely layout. You must see it to know what I mean. Anyhow, I was thumbing through this today and came across his page on the Wikipedia:Lamest edit wars. And if you have time to kill, I highly suggest you read this shrine to insignificance (insignifica?). I suppose that there's something for everyone here, but I particularly enjoy the debate over the Pink Floyd song, "Money".

"Sure, it's a song with an odd rhythm, but what exactly is the time signature? The band, which has no musical training, have said 7/8, most people say 7/4, experts will go as far as to say 21/8."

I just like the bari sax solo, personally. But what the hell... 7/4.